Esophageal Dilators

Diversatek Healthcare offers a range of products from our WeightRight® Tungsten-filled and M-Flex® Blue Silicone Bougies to our SafeGuide® Wire Guided Dilators. Pair your SafeGuide® Dilator with our accessories including a Storage Case, Marked Spring Tip Guidewires, Reusable and Disposable Cleaning Brushes, and Disposable Cleaning Adapters.

Viper® 3-Stage Balloon Dilators & Syringe

High-performance PET balloon technology offers optimal radial strength and controlled, uniform dilation. More


M-Flex® Silicone Blue Bougies

Our silicone bougies feature added flexibility that some users prefer. Tungsten-filled, there’s nothing quite like the M-Flex. More

WeightRight Bougies

WeightRight® Mercury-Free Bougies

Our tungsten-filled bougie mimics the weight and feel of mercury-filled bougies without the concerns of mercury usage and disposal. More

SafeGuide® Single OTW Esophageal Dilators

Save time, without sacrificing quality, with SafeGuide® Single — a remarkably flexible over the guidewire solution, that is also disposable. More

SafeGuide Wire-Guided Dilators

SafeGuide® OTW Esophageal Dilator

At times, there is need for greater accuracy. That’s why there’s SafeGuide, a remarkably flexible over the guidewire solution that ensures exact placement of the dilator. More

SafeGuide Guidewire

SafeGuide® Reusable and Disposable Marked Spring Tip Guidewires

The single-piece construction of the SafeGuide Spring Tip Guidewire resists breakage and flexes easily. More

SafeGuide Cleaning Brush

SafeGuide® Accessories

Used to clean the inner lumen of the SafeGuide Dilator. Choose from reusable or disposable cleaning brushes. More

Esophageal Dilator Storage

Our innovative storage systems keep esophageal dilators fully enclosed, free from direct contact with one another — all while integrating unique features to reduce cross contamination risk between procedures. More

InnerVision Transillumination System

InnerVision® Transillumination System

Identifying anatomic landmarks during laparoscopic surgery doesn’t have to be time-consuming any longer. More