Capture with Confidence

Capture™ 2-Tray Polyp Trap features a color-coded Click-Lock that ensures the securement of the specimen

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Vertical Storage Cart

Explore innovative storage solutions to keep

dilators clean, straight and secure

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Confidence In
Visibility & Strength

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C9777 Assigned
to APC 5303

Effective 1/1/2022

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True 360° rotation simplifies control and precision.

Lasso™ Rotatable Cold Snares provide exceptional tactile grasping of polyps for precise capture and smooth cutting, even in the retroflex position.

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MiVu™ Mucosal Integrity Testing System
only from Diversatek Healthcare.

Instantly diagnose GERD, EoE, and Non-GERD and monitor treatment response in GERD and EoE with MiVu.™

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The most versatile hemostasis clip on the market.

The RePlay™ Hemostasis Clip provides precise, responsive control with clean deployment, and is the only clip designed to be removed if desired.

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Joining forces in GI care as Diversatek Healthcare.

Cutting-edge diagnostic solutions. Innovative gastroenterology and surgical products. Diversatek Healthcare is redefining GI care.

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Leading the industry in GI technical research and training at Diversatek U.

Our broad educational platform offers onsite and virtual instruction to meet your clinical needs.

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Our focus is advancing GI care so your focus can be your patient.

At Diversatek Healthcare, we believe our role is to serve you so you can provide exceptional patient care. That’s why we strive to equip you with the technologically advanced scientific innovations and workflow solutions, and offer a comprehensive suite of education options and personalized training and support. All of which keeps you current, informed, and the care you provide running smoothly.

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Diversatek U

Diversatek University

Diversatek University is home to comprehensive instruction and clinical training in esophageal function testing, Impedance/pH reflux monitoring studies and anorectal manometry. Our broad and deep independent educational platform offers training and coursework to meet individualized needs. Choose personalized instruction at our state-of-the-art Technical Research & Training Center, or tap our extensive library of online tutorials and real-time, online discussions. Diversatek U makes learning easy and convenient.

MiVu™ Mucosal Integrity Testing

We developed the only MiVu™ Mucosal Integrity Testing System to detect esophageal mucosal changes due to chronic GERD or EoE instantly during routine endoscopy, potentially obviating the need for 24- to 48-hour ambulatory wireless pH monitoring or esophageal biopsies for histopathology, reducing both diagnostic and treatment latency.

Product Support

Product Support

Our focus is the design and manufacture of medical equipment and devices so you can focus on your patients. Our best-in-class Clinical Specialists deliver product support to suit specific needs—on your schedule. Whether reviewing a challenging case, or providing onsite training at your facility, our knowledge and experience is always working for you. It’s the nature of who we are, and it’s just like how you service those in your care.