Clinical Support

Virtual Coaching

Sharpen your skills in acquiring and analyzing reflux and motility studies with Diversatek Healthcare’s unique Cyber Coaching service.

Using your own computer and study, you will work directly with a Diversatek Healthcare Clinical Specialist via a real time internet interface. Like having a clinician right next to you, all of your questions can be addressed in this unique one-on-one session.

Cyber Coaching is available for:

  • Impedance/pH studies
  • High Resolution Esophageal Manometry studies
  • High Resolution Anorectal Manometry studies

Email us at to schedule an appointment with one of our Clinical Specialists.

Wendy O'Connor

Wendy O'Connor, RN, BSN

Senior Clinical Specialist

Wendy O’Connor has worked for Diversatek Healthcare in Clinical Support since 2009. With bachelor degrees in both Biology (emphasis on human physiology) and Nursing, she brings 30 years of nursing experience and several years of clinical support experience to her role.  She has been an active coach in our esophageal and anorectal courses offered at our Diversatek Healthcare training facility.  Daily support has also been given by connecting over the phone, and in many cases by computer, to train on our software and shed light on the analysis of difficult cases.   This support has connected her to customers all across the U.S. and many locations around the world.  Wendy regularly creates educational materials, both printed and recorded, to support our many users.  A few of her other roles include: lecturing in our esophageal course, representing Diversatek Healthcare at SGNA and consulting on the development of new software.