Science, technology and an untiring commitment to GI Care. It’s in everything we do.

At Diversatek Healthcare, we’re dedicated to expanding our comprehensive range of diagnostic and therapeutic GI applications as well as our series of smart solutions for surgical procedures – all to help you provide exceptional patient care.








Our mission is clear.

Our goal is to stand alone as the premier supplier—a partner—in the advancement of Gastroenterological care. Through an open-minded approach to innovation, and high-impact connections to world-renowned opinion leaders, we drive science in the GI space. Diversatek Healthcare delivers, and continuously improves, a comprehensive range of diagnostic and therapeutic GI applications through organic product development and strategic acquisitions. Our promise? Do everything possible to help you provide exceptional patient care.


By joining the strengths of two complementary gastroenterological care brand portfolios, we’ve expanded our presence in the endoscopy and diagnostic GI marketplace. Our broad array of Medovations endoscopy products enhances patient care and comfort, and streamlines workflow. Our best-in-class Sandhill Scientific brand diagnostic solutions focus on gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and swallowing disorders.


Committed to every step of the process.

Science and technology. Embracing a personalized approach. Elevating your practice and patient care. That’s the approach we take when developing medical technologies and solutions to support healthcare professionals and the patients they serve.


Design for all the right reasons.

Innovation is ingrained in our culture. Equipped with bright, talented minds combined with cutting edge tools, technology, and a collaborative work environment, the future of healthcare product design is happening right now.


Every product concept begins with understanding customer preferences and patient needs. We connect with users and approach product development with an intense sense of clarity and focus.


Our values start with your patients.

That’s why we believe our role is to serve you. While we strive to equip you with technologically advanced scientific innovations and workflow solutions, we also support you in other meaningful ways. We offer comprehensive education options to meet clinical needs, onsite and virtual education platforms, and dedication to best-in-class customer service. All of which keeps you informed, and the care you provide running smoothly. We take pride in long-standing relationships that define our commitment to these core principles.


Making business—personal.

We often hear about how refreshingly different experiences are with our well-trained professionals. Since you provide personalized care for your patients, we believe you should expect the same from us when it matters most. Because while you rely on our technologies, capabilities and products, the most important asset we share is our expertise. Whether an expeditious answer to a simple inquiry or our presence in training, our knowledge and experience will always be working for you.

meetingOur open office environment encourages team work and employee engagement, which is important for our growing organization. Want to see more? Visit our Careers page.






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