Diversatek™ Healthcare Launches Viper® 3-Stage Fixed Wire and Wire Guided Balloon Dilators for Hospital and Ambulatory Surgery Centers

September 1, 2022

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Diversatek™ Healthcare Launches Viper® 3-Stage Fixed Wire and Wire Guided Balloon Dilators for Hospital and Ambulatory Surgery Centers


MILWAUKEE, Wis. (September 1, 2022) – Diversatek™ Healthcare, a leader in the advancement of diagnostic and therapeutic gastroenterological care, launched the Viper® 3-Stage Balloon Dilator.


The introduction of the Viper 3-Stage Balloon Dilator is a paramount addition to the Diversatek Healthcare portfolio – solidifying the company’s Total Dilation Solutions product breadth for gastroenterologists.  The Total Dilation Solutions portfolio includes the existing M-Flex® and WeightRight® esophageal bougies, SafeGuide® Over-the-Guidewire Dilators, Esophageal Dilator Storage and, now, the Viper3-Stage Balloon Dilators.


The Viper Balloon Dilator is a high-performance endoscopic balloon dilator developed with PET for improved strength and flexibility and engineered to open to three distinct diameters at three distinct pressures in a single balloon. It is available in a wide range of balloon diameters from 8mm to 20mm, in both Fixed and Wire Guided delivery systems.


Visibility from the clear Viper balloon and rounded shoulders, combined with markerbands for precise balloon positioning, make it easy for gastroenterologists to visualize dilation progress. Additional performance benefits include:


— Soft, flexible tip ensures atraumatic access to strictures in simple and complex anatomy

— Rapid Deflation Sleeve (Fixed Wire only) enables rapid inflation and deflation

— Pre-lubricated balloon allows for easy insertion and withdrawal from the endoscope


Diversatek Healthcare is dedicated to expanding its comprehensive range of diagnostic and therapeutic GI applications – all with the goal of providing exceptional patient care.


To learn more about the Viper 3-Stage Balloon Dilator or to purchase directly, please visit diversatekhealthcare.com or contact Customer Support at 800-558-6408.



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