Diversatek™ Healthcare Announces the Commercial Release of MiVu™ Esophageal Endo Cap

June 6, 2023


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Diversatek™ Healthcare Announces the Commercial Release of MiVu™ Esophageal Endo Cap – the Next Generation of Mucosal Integrity Testing


MiVu™ Esophageal Endo Cap attaches to the distal end of the endoscope to instantly detect changes in esophageal mucosal integrity during endoscopy – in just two minutes.




MILWAUKEE, Wis. (June 6, 2023) – Effective June 1, 2023, Diversatek Healthcare, a leader in the advancement of diagnostic and therapeutic gastroenterological care, launched the MiVu™ Esophageal Endo Cap.


Gen-II of the MiVu Mucosal Integrity Testing System utilizes the MiVu Esophageal Endo Cap along with proprietary software to instantly detect changes in esophageal mucosal integrity during endoscopy – in just two minutes.  In the second generation of MiVu, the MiVu Esophageal Endo Cap securely attaches to the endoscope, allowing for direct visualization of the acquisition target, reducing overall procedure time.


In 2020, Diversatek Healthcare, in conjunction with Vanderbilt University, developed the first generation of the MiVu Mucosal Integrity Testing System, which at the time, utilized a balloon to provide real-time data of mucosal integrity during routine endoscopy.  The ingenuity of MiVu revolutionized testing systems that aid in the diagnosis of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), by simplifying and expediting the testing process to indicate the existence or probability of esophageal pathologies.


The refined second generation of MiVu Mucosal Integrity Testing System replaces the previously used balloon with the MiVu Esophageal Endo Cap, allowing for direct tissue visualization, for greater measurement confidence and efficiency.  “We are excited to bring the next generation Mucosal Integrity product to market.  The Endo Cap will allow physicians the ability to visually place the device during endoscopy and quickly measure the mucosal impedance while providing real-time measurement quality feedback,” says Chuck Linsday, Chief Technology Officer of Diversatek Healthcare.


MiVu measures conductivity of the esophageal epithelium directly, while providing clinicians both a color contour map as well as predictive probability. MiVu enables clinicians to quickly and efficiently differentiate primary esophageal disorders, GERD and eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE), as well as monitor treatment response – potentially obviating the need for ambulatory reflux testing and multiple invasive biopsies.


For patients undergoing ambulatory reflux diagnostic tests, MiVu can help deliver a more convenient and comfortable experience. MiVu testing can be conducted in two minutes during endoscopy and delivers instant data that can be used immediately by the clinician to direct therapy, potentially helping to reduce the need for unnecessary testing and additional follow-up visits.


Diversatek Healthcare is dedicated to expanding its comprehensive range of diagnostic and therapeutic GI applications – all with the goal of providing exceptional patient care.


To learn more about MiVu or to purchase the product directly, please visit diversatekhealthcare.com.


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