Capture with Confidence

Capture™ Polyp Trap

Capture with Confidence

Capture™ Polyp Trap

Capture with Confidence

Specimen retrieval solutions with clear visualization and uninterrupted suction make it easy to capture multiple polyps.



Capture™ 2-Tray Polyp Trap

The 2-Tray option was developed with nurses and techs in mind for easy and efficient specimen retrieval.  This polyp trap features an audible and tactile, color-coded

Click-Lock that ensures the securement of the removable tray.



Capture™ 4-Chamber Polyp Trap

The four (4) fixed chambers with built-in strainers feature identification numbers and unobstructed visibility.  When suctioning, simply align the easy-lift lid tab with the numbered chamber to capture the specimen.

Capture™ 2-Tray

  • Tactile Click-Lock confirms secure tray placement
  • Color-coded trays track and keep multiple specimens safe, separate, and secure
  • Polyp picks (2) enable contact free specimen retrieval
  • Single-use

Capture™ 4-Chamber

  • Labeled fixed chambers collect four (4) separate specimens
  • Innovative strainer design efficiently filters specimen from fluid
  • Easy-lift lid rotates for convenient transition between chambers
  • Single-use
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Capture™ Poylp Trap

Part No. Description Specimen Chambers/Trays Qty/Case
1202-01 Capture 4-Chamber Polyp Trap 4 25
1202-02 Capture 2-Tray Polyp Trap 2 20