MiVu™ Mucosal Integrity Testing System only from Diversatek Healthcare.

Instantly diagnose GERD, EoE, and Non-GERD and monitor treatment response in GERD and EoE with MiVu.™

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Diversatek Healthcare has the exclusive patent on innovative testing for Mucosal Integrity.

MiVu™, only from Diversatek Healthcare, detects esophageal mucosal changes due to chronic GERD or EoE instantly during routine endoscopy, potentially obviating the need for 24- to 48-hour ambulatory pH monitoring or esophageal biopsies for histopathology, reducing both diagnostic and treatment latency.i

i Dhyanesh A. Patel, Tina Higginbotham, James C. Slaughter, Muhammad Aslam, Elif Yuksel, David Katzka, C. Prakash Gyawali, Melina Mashi, John Pandolfino, and Michael F. Vaezi, Development and Validation of a Mucosal Impedance Contour Analysis System to Distinguish Esophageal Disorders, Gastroenterology 2019;156:1617–1626.


MiVu™ Mucosal Integrity Testing System is covered by one or more of the following patents: US9, 814, 408 and US10, 321, 867.